Could You Work with Your Spouse?

We can’t make any promises about the ultimate success of your husband- and wife-run business—or your marriage. But we can tell you that so far our marriage and our business are both infinitely stronger. Here’s a quick quiz to help you gauge your work compatibility.

1. Does business travel with your spouse sound like a mini-vacation or your worst nightmare? Spending this much time with anyone is unnatural! You have to really look forward to being with each other.

2. Did you marry yourself or did you marry your opposite? Understanding the other person’s strengths can let you split responsibilities so you’re not in each other’s hair all the time. 3. Can you present a united front? Even if you disagree, be sure that your internal and external partners view you as respectful and supportive of each other. 4. Do you have some eggs not in that one basket? Your financial situation needs to be secure enough that regardless of what happens to the business, your family finances will be O.K. Set your limits for financial risk, and don’t go beyond them.

5. Can what happens in the office stay in the office? The benefits for a company are that the founders are on it—24/7. But your relationship needs to last past the years you’re working together. Have "no business" family dinners and weekends.

Would love to hear from spouses who are working together or plan to.

Daphne Kwon, CEO, and her husband, Bill Hildebolt, president ExpoTV New York

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