Trend Micro Zaps the Bugs

Trend Micro's antivirus software helped me exorcise the ghosts in my machine and allowed to me to keep working while it performed its magic

Editor's Rating:

The Good: System scans don't tie up the machine, distinguishes between unwanted and desirable cookies

The Bad: Time-consuming scans, a bit pricey at $70

The Bottom Line: A solid security program that strips off spyware, controls spam, and attacks adware and viruses

There was a ghost in my machine. To be honest, I should have suspected as much. The signs of an outside force controlling my computer were all there. The IT department had threatened to block my Internet use for allegedly visiting objectionable Web sites at odd hours when I was more likely to be at home, sleeping. "Undeliverable Message" alerts had appeared in my inbox referencing e-mails I never wrote. Most frustrating of all, my computer had been running strangely slow.

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