Even Co-Founder of Blogger Needs Blogging Inspiration

I always like reading Evan Williams’ blog, the co-founder of Blogger.com. He doesn’t blog much, but his posts are thoughtful.

But it never really struck me how funny it is that one of the founders of one of the biggest blogging platforms doesn’t blog much.

As least I didn’t think about it much until this week—when he asked folks to help.

In a post where he confesses that he would like to be more articulate, he decides he thinks that blogging can help with that. And he also frankly says he wants to blog more. So he’s asking folks to ask him questions he can answer.

It’s working, which is great, and I’m enjoying reading his answers. His very articulate answers.

I’m sure the fact that he is Twittering a lot more explains why he’s blogging less. And that just backs up the notion that the more options you have for expressing yourself, the less you may use one that you used in the past. Even if you co-founded Blogger.

But I also feel that it shows in a vivid way how much we change over time, how our interests morph, how we find that something we were once in love with isn’t as special or we have learned what we wanted to learn from it at the time.

Not that you can’t come back and decide, hey, rather than trying to return to a sport or a hobby that I did in the past for the same reason, I’m going to return to it for another reason.

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