Toyota Yaris: So Gay!

That’s not me talking. Rather, says it was the most researched vehicle on its website.

In descending order, the rest of the list was: Saab 9-3, Mazda MX-5 Miata, Volkswagen Rabbit, Volkswagen Eos, Audi A3, Dodge Caliber Volkswagen Jetta, Toyota Camry, Infiniti FX.

Wow. I thought gay people were supposed to have a sense of style. The Yaris? Yipes. I could see maybe the Honda Fit or Nissan Versa. But the Yaris? That’s about as stylish and with-it as a Sansabelt pair of trousers and a sweater tied around my neck.

Since I would put the Rabbit, A3 and Jetta on my list of cars to research, I thought I should take the test “Are You Gay.” Though I seriously wanted to see the results, I had to abandon the test after the site asked me to sign up for crap in which I have no interest in a dozen consecutive pop up screens. I kept “skipping” the screen until I got one that required me to check “yes” before I could continue. No sale. No way. That was as annoying as a “Will and Grace” marathon.

I know gay men love to shop. But puhleeeez.

I know a website has to make a living, but…memo to founder Joe LaMuraglia: Joey…dude…this is no way to treat a visitor. Anyway…I’m not gay. I’m sure of it. Pretty sure.

By the way…no Subarus on this list? No wonder Subaru bagged ad agency DDB. They must have been reading the tracking study that says gay people are deserting Subaru. No Fords either? After all the guff Ford has taken from the American Family Association for advertising in gay media, one would hope that the Ford Fusion or Mustang might have made the list.