Fax a Document Without a Fax Machine

It is no longer efficient to receive faxes on a standard fax machine. Instead, use a fax-to-e-mail service and subscribe to a fax number through an online fax service provider, where faxes are received directly in an e-mail. The savings are tremendous—no paper, no toner, no jammed fax machines, and no wasted time waiting at the fax machine. Some additional benefits include the ease of forwarding the fax and the ability to save it electronically for filing purposes.

There are also ways to fax a document without a fax machine. An electronic document can be faxed via e-mail to a traditional fax or through a Web interface that allows you to upload a document and then send it to its destination. Alternatively, you can use a scanner to scan a paper document and then fax via e-mail or Web. Regardless of the option you choose, the cost of a dedicated fax line, fax machine and supplies are eliminated.

Harprit Singh Inventor, Innoport® Unified Communications Services CEO, Intellicomm Philadelphia

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