SanDisk's Simple PC-to-TV Solution

The TakeTV device lets you copy video content from your PC to watch on your TVwithout a home network

Editor's Rating:

The Good: Easy setup, excellent video quality

The Bad: Some videos that should have played didn't. Fanfare download service is Windows-only

The Bottom Line: A smart, simple approach to getting video from the PC to the TV

When I think of the scores of products designed to take digital video stored on a personal computer and play it on a TV set, and the millions in research and development funds spent on them, I'm left scratching my head. So many of them—from Apple (AAPL) TV to Microsoft's (MSFT) Media Extenders and scads of competing devices—force users into the needless complexity of creating a home network, wired or wireless, between a TV and a PC that's likely stationed far away in another room.

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