Pop!Tech Outgrows Its Toys

The Accelerator initiative of the high-tech inventions conference aims to turn the annual brain-fest into a year-round network of social activism

Last weekend, Caleb Chung—the toy inventor behind the Furby phenomenon of 1998—took the stage of the opera house in Camden, Maine, to unveil his new creation, a robotic dinosaur called Pleo that could be the hit toy of the coming holiday season. British scientist Adrian Bowyer demonstrated his self-replicating rapid prototyper—a machine capable of printing three-dimensional plastic, ceramic, or metal parts (it can even produce all of the components needed to make a copy of itself). And John Shearer, chief executive officer of wireless power startup Powercast, showed off his company's technology by turning on the lights of a Christmas tree that wasn't plugged in. These were just three of the eclectic presenters at this year's Pop!Tech, the annual three-day conference held this year from Oct. 18 to 21.

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