Marcial: Time's Ripe to Bargain-Hunt

Don't be spooked by the ghosts of 20 years ago, BusinessWeek's Gene Marcial writes. Instead, scoop up some good stocks on the cheap

The Oct. 19, 2007 sell-off should be seen, plainly, as an investor's bargain-basement oportunity. Panic, caused in part by the shadow of the 22% plunge by the the Dow Jones industrial average exactly 20 years earlier, drove the 30-component Dow down 366.94 points, or 2.64%, to 13,522.02. It also caused the Standard & Poor's 500-stock index to shed 39.45 points, or 2.56%, to 1,500.63, and pushed the Nasdaq index lower by 74.15 points, or 2.65%, to 2,725.16.

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