Local blog Baristanet plows into book reviews

What a strange thing to see a book review by Jay McInerney in my local Montclair blog, Baristanet. Debbie Galant explains that this is an effort by review-starved publishers, a local bookstore, and a local blog:

The idea was that the publishing industry would bring us marquee authors to review books; we would bring a strong community of readers. Watchung Booksellers, already advertising on our site, agreed to be a sponsor. And as unlikely as it seems that the publishing industry would pin its hopes on a little placeblog in Essex County NJ, at least they got the geography right.(Montclair, she notes, has lots of authors.)

Eventually, she hopes these reviews will spread to thousands of local blogs. Many of them, presumably, will tie into promotions at local book stores. This is a brick-by-brick attempt to reinvent the book publishing monolith.

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