Use the Three-Part Process when Providing Feedback

A good leader knows how to communicate effectively with his or her employees about aspects of a job that were done well and those that were done poorly. If you don’t tell your employees both when they do something right and when they do something wrong, they may never fully realize the best way to go about doing their job.s

When giving positive or negative feedback to others, remember to use the three-part process. Describe the behavior in a non-judgmental way, communicate the impact of the behavior on you or on other employees, and request what you would like to see in the future.

By using this process, you will provide your employees with constructive feedback that does not strike a blow to anyone’s self-esteem.

Remember not to wait too long before providing feedback. Your words will ring true and be more beneficial if you speak up right away. Employees will appreciate knowing sooner rather than later and you won’t harbor any negative feelings toward the individual.

Keith Ayers President Integro Leadership Institute West Chester, Pa.

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