Solar Decathlon is off and running

We featured University of Cincinnati, one of the 20 schools taking part in the Solar Decathlon in our recent survey of design schools undertaking interesting projects. But now the race is hotting up (sorry). While the overall winner will be announced on Friday, results from ten separate contests will be announced throughout the week. So right now, the German Technische Universität Darmstadt is in the lead, having just taken the architecture contest with 193.25 out of a possible 200 points. Cincinnati is in a respectable fourth place.

From pictures, some of the structures really look amazing (I’m not in Washington, so sadly I won’t be one of the 100,000 visitors to the solar village). But what’s really great is that: a) all those people are going to check out the latest developments in solar; b) there’s more and more smart talk about solar’s potential to replace fossil fuels. Maybe in this case, everyone’s a winner. (That’s surely what the losers will tell themselves on Friday.)

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