Connecting: The Amazing Design Conference In San Francisco.

I’m off this Tuesday to CONNECTING’07 World Design Congress - Connecting to People and to Ideas that has an awesome array of talent and programs.

The list of people presenting is remarkable: Hans Rosling of GapMinder, Stefano Marzano of Philips Design, Yves Behar of fuseprojects, Seymour Powell (who is doing Virgin Galactica), JB Straubel of Tesla Motors, Bill Moggridge, the father of invention for interactive design, Hartmut Esslinger, the first designer ever to appear on a cover of Business Week (on a motorcycle of course), Cat Chow, Bruce Sterling, Alex Steffen from WorldChanging, Roger Martin, Pattie Moore on designing for the aging—and all of us.

The breakout sessions on y look very interesting. There will be a good discussion on design and design thinking. And the parties, well, there appear to be about 1,000 of them. San Francisco is clearly one heck of a party town.

One of the many reasons for this event is to hand out awards to the winners of the 2007 Industrial Design Excellence Awards. I get to dress up, go onstage and help hand them, literally, to the dozens of designers and corporations from around the world who won this year. The IDSA jury did an incredible job this year, once again. Check out the winners here—go to the slide show of all the winners.

I’ll blog.

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