iPods for the blind

Just got a comment to a post I wrote long ago (after my iPod’s screen was smashed) about the difficulty of navigating an iPod for the blind. Who could enjoy the benefits of an iPod more?

This from Greg:

I am blind and I would may be interested in an ipod. My Fiancee showed me her sister’s that she got for her birthday and I was able to hear the clicks in the wheel but they should be much louder so I can hear them when I’m in a room with lots of people and the wheel should be an actual one that turns. I use cursurs on my roland grooveboxes and keyboards with no speech. I can remember all the clicks and how many times to push the cursor left or right up or down. I also checked out itunes and I think that it needs a good screen reader. Jaws is the best but doesn’t work very well at all with it.
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