Helium: Striving for Accuracy in Community Journalism

Community journalism sites, allowing users to write and publish stories, are flourishing. But their biggest problem is accurancy. One site, Helium, has an interesting way of attaining it -- by paying bloggers believed to write high-quality entries.

Web sites that let their users write and publish news stories are flourishing (In fact, as my colleague Catherine Holahan writes today, MSNBC just purchased such a site, Newsvine.)

One issue with these sites, of course, is, How do you make sure your users write accurate and high-quality entries? One site, Helium, has come up with an innovative solution: Its community rates stories on the site based on quality — and the contributors’ pay is based on these ratings. The higher-quality your story, the higher portion of the company’s ad revenues you get.

Alas, today, the site mostly features Google ads. But I’ve also spotted ads for jobs site Monster and Web-calling service Vonage. I wonder just how much the site’s top bloggers do end up getting paid.

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