British ISP Plans Nationwide WiMax

Pipex intends to roll out service, rebranded as Freedom4, by first targeting SMEs, with high speed connectivity and a range of portable products

Pipex has revealed its plans for a nationwide rollout of WiMax services for businesses across the UK.

Freedom4 -- the new brand name for the Pipex Wireless division -- will initially target SMEs with the rollout of its symmetrical WiMax service, which it claims will operate at speeds of more than 10Mbps and will have a range of up to 10km.

The company intends to launch a range of portable products to offer customers WiMax connectivity in 50 of the UK's towns and cities.

Freedom4 CEO, Mike Read, said the official launch of the new products and services is "not that far away" with some form of WiMax service to be offered by the end of the year.

It intends to complete a two-stage rollout of its service with its products including USB plug-ins and larger WiMax terminals with a connectivity range of up to 10km outdoors and 2km indoors.

The SME market will be the first targeted audience due to the interest within the SME community to find out more about WiMax, according to Freedom4.

Freedom4 has already deployed WiMax base stations in Milton Keynes and Warwick. The Milton Keynes service is being trialled by more than 160 people.

Pipex sold its broadband and phone division to Tiscali this year for £210m -- but retained three other divisions including Pipex Wireless.

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