What is Design Thinking? Who Teaches it Best?

Check out this video on design thinking. It’s amazing. You have Roger Martin, dean of the Rotman Management School, Harry West head of strategy and innovation from Continuum, Dan Pink, Jeff Huang and others. It’s part of our package on Talent.

Continuum produced the video as part of its Support Design Education program. Continuum has been working with Rotman to develop design thinking in its MBA program. From the Contiuum site, here is some of what the two partners are doing:

“Designers from our studio worked closely with a designworks team (DesignWorks is a Rotman program that encourages new ways of thinking to managers) coaching them through a consumer strategy project for elite bike company Cervelo. We shared processes, studios, outlooks and approaches. What resulted was an enlightened understanding from both parties, some solid ideas for the client, and an ongoing partnership.”

And check out Harry West’s article on a new, multi-skill approach where traditional design tactics are wedded to the needs of business.

It just may be that B-Schools are the best source of creative management—or programs that include business and design. What do you think?

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