Kasparov's 'Crisis in Seville'

An excerpt from the former chess champion's new book, which applies lessons from his playing career to business and politics

Former chess champion Garry Kasparov released his latest book this month, at the same time he formally entered the race to become President of Russia. The book, How Life Imitates Chess, is Kasparov's effort to examine how the lessons he learned in his chess career can be applied to the worlds of business and politics. As such, it's something of a primer on his political strategy in Russia, where his outspoken criticism of Vladimir Putin and Kasparov's presidential aspirations are considered far-fetched at best and dangerous at worst. What follows is the first of two excerpts from the book that will run at BusinessWeek.com. This one describes Kasparov's first defense of his chess championship, which he calls the "Crisis in Seville."

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