MySpace Pilot Project To Mimic Facebook

In a post following a story he did on developers flocking to Facebook, Brad Stone says MySpace execs have hinted it will open up its service to widget or application developers. They’re doing more than hinting, though. MySpace’s co-founder told us for a story we did on the same topic four months ago we that the company is developing a pilot program to allow a handful of developers to integrate with its platform.

The caveat is that it won’t open up to all. Execs said they’re concerned about security and spam. “We want to open up to the best and most important applications,” MySpace CEO Chris DeWolfe told us. “Depending on how that goes, we’ll open it up further.”

Stone’s question, whether developers will defect to other platforms is an interesting one. My bet is they will. But the key will be giving them the right incentives or a big enough audience. So MySpace could risk putting application developers off by trying to throttle acccess.

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