A New Corporate Blog That Tracks Job Jumping.

It’s hard to write about innovation within your own corporation, so I don’t usually, but this new corporate blog/content aggregator from Standard & Poor’s Capital IQ is extremely interesting.

Most corporate online efforts, including blogging, have a corporate point of view and throw content/attitude/marking/products at you. This site, which shows management changes in different industries, is open source that allows comments and feedback. You can get updates by RSS or evmail, use widgets to submit news, and, of course, check the comings and goings of bosses and buddies around the world.

Now I wonder what happens when someone moves from one company to another and a colleague or subordinate writes a comment about the TRUTH of that person’s abilities. Or how about a lie? Ah, the world of social media. David Armano points me to this piece which speaks to our current corporate life.

Check out David’s piece on Why Execs Are Stumbling in New Media. It’s a killer.

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