The Secret of Ning's Success

Marc Andreessen talks about why his social network platform is gaining users; agonizing over Facebook; defining new qualities of leadership; and more

What's a "Double Viral Loop"?

Marc Andreessen, co-founder of browser Netscape Communications (TWX) explains how his social network service, Ning, has reached 100,000 networks. "On a typical social networking service, users join a single large social network designed and run by the service's owner," he writes on his blog. "Users then invite other users to join that same single large network—this is the viral adoption loop by which the network grows. On Ning, users both join existing user-created networks—one of the 100,000+ networks that already exist —and/or create their own networks. This is a double viral loop. These two viral loops feed one another: the more networks on Ning, the more users who are getting invited to join—and the more users who join, the more new networks that get created, leading to even more users being invited to join."

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