HTC Scores an Advantage

The new mobile device does just about everything but iron your shirts, but it's still too bulky for everyday use

Editor's Rating:

The Good: Compact design, fast Web access, worldwide cellular network coverage

The Bad: Pricey, only middling battery life, cheap stylus

The Bottom Line: The cutting-edge Advantage offers a tantalizing preview of the future of mobile devices

When I first spied it at a cellular-industry trade show earlier this year, HTC's new Advantage X7501 really captured my imagination. A combination cell phone and minicomputer, the Advantage's unusual design and versatility made we wonder whether the final version would live up to its promise. After several weeks of testing it, I'll say the Advantage pretty much delivers many of the things a mobile professional might want in such a device, though its price and some drawbacks I'll get to later may limit its popularity.

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