For Internship, A Spill Is No Setback

"I have always enjoyed challenges, especially when people say it is not going to be easy"

With the temperature close to 100F, we stopped at a gas station to pick up something to drink. Since I don't drink soda, I settled for a glass of cranberry juice. Phil, my boss, cautioned it was important to keep ourselves adequately hydrated in the hot, humid weather of Texas. When I got into the passenger seat of Phil's open-roof, six-speed limited-edition Honda S2000 Roadster—a sleek two-seater that made most eyes turn wherever it zoomed past—I had this nagging doubt regarding my drink. Should I drink at my usual pace—nursing it the way I usually do and risk possible spillage—or should I just gulp it down? Before I could make my decision, we were on Sam Houston Parkway West cruising at the speed limit.

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