Employee Recognition Improves Customer Service

Customer service is crucial for small businesses hoping to compete with chain stores, larger companies, and even the small business next door. While there are a number of steps to ensure that you are offering world-class customer service, the first approach is simple: Make sure your front-line employees feel respected and valued, as they are your most important customer service asset.

When they feel happy they unleash their enthusiasm and passion from within, and that passion is infectious. It transmits to everyone around them, most important, the customers.

The easiest way to make your front-line employees happy is with positive feedback. Managers usually only thank employees when they go above and beyond their job description, which they should strive to do, but why not thank them for just doing what they’re supposed to do? It can’t hurt.

After voicing your recognition, follow up by treating them with the utmost respect, honesty, and trust. They need to know that you are committed to their well-being. Giving your employees recognition and gratitude for a job well done is a simple but overlooked act, and it can mean the difference between a disgruntled and a motivated employee. Which one do you want delivering the customer experience?

Michael D. Brown Customer Service Consultant Author of Fresh Customer Service Los Angeles

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