OS Skirmishes, Browser Wars

I don’t know how much extrapolation I can safely do based on what I have seen at an elite tech conference, but my observations at the DEMOfall 07 conference, which ended this evening in San diego, are probably not good news for Microsoft.

I took a count of 64 demo systems. 52 were running some form of Windows—mostly XP rather than Vista—and 12 were Macs. That’s a considerably higher percentage of Macs than in the market at large and far more than you would have seen at a DEMO conference a couple of years ago.

On the browser front, things were worse for Microsoft. In general use, Internet Explorer has about 80% of the market and Mozilla Firefox has about 15%. But Of the 40 Windows systems running their demos in a browser, it was much closer to an even split—23 used IE and 17 Firefox. All of the Mac systems ran Firefox, displaying a distinct lack of love for Apple’s homegrown Safari browser.

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