Global Grind and Aggregation for the Rest of Us

Navarrow Wright stopped by on Monday to show me Global Grind, a new service that initially is designed to help folks in the hip hop community aggregate videos, news, and links.

Global Grind does a few things that I think are interesting. First, it specifically degeeks everything. You won’t see RSS feeds mentioned and everything is drag and drop. We need more of that.

The service also recognizes that some sites, like BET, that have a specific appeal to a specific audience can hit a ceiling. Wright is applying aggregation to new topics beyond tech or gossip.

Of course, aggregation sites may also hit a natural ceiling. Digg, for instance, still struggles to get beyond its young, male geek demo. At the very least, here’s a chance to test whether aggregation is popular beyond tech. Beyond that, it could help figure out how much you can push the aggregation ceiling.

Just as interesting is how the technology could be used to create aggregated communities around other interests.

Global Grind might not succeed. It’s trying something new and that’s always risky. But it’s right to try this out.

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