Xbox Against Wii And PS3--Who Has The Strongest Community?

Any corporate

Any corporate “suit” reading this blog should take note of the incredible passion felt by the communities of gamers surrounding the Xbox 360 or PS3. They are posting comments like crazy! This emotion, this attention to detail, this competitive in-your-face loyalty is exactly what so many companies need to create and can’t achieve. Read the comments slowly and understand the gamers. This is the kind of community you want around your product.

Speaking of community, Matt Vella has an amazing review of Halo 3 that describes the powerful social networking elements that might signal a whole approach to gaming. It doesn’t look like Sony’s PS3 has anything that can approach this kind of social networking and user-generated content—is that right?

All the hype around Halo 3 has focussed on the great graphics and amazingly fast gameplay—but the real killer app may be in harnessing the community. This is what Matt has to say:

“Taking cues from sites such as MySpace, Flickr, and YouTube, Halo 3 is one of the first console titles that allows players to collaboratively create and swap content as well as keep tabs on opponents and teammates remotely from the Web—a strategy that could help developers squeeze additional profits from even the most popular games.”

Wii, of course, backed away from performance and speed kinds of games for more of a social and cooperative gameplay with its motion-sensitive technology.

Bungie, bought by Microsoft and developer of Halo 3, has stuffed it full of social networking features. Check out the site for how it all works.

OK. So can the PS3 compete with the Xbox 360 in social networking with its new Halo 3? What does it offer?

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