The Customer Isn't Always No. 1

Customers expect small businesses to provide the best customer service. However, by holding on to the old customer-service strategy that the customer is No. 1, many small businesses have failed potentially loyal customers and watched their sales stagnate, retention erode, and repeat business dwindle. What small businesses need is a fresh approach. They need to realize that it’s their own employees who should be treated as No. 1. Who knows how to handle customers better than your frontline employees? They regularly see and hear customer complaints and, if you listen to them, they usually have the best solutions.

To deliver a world-class customer service experience, businesses need to build their approach and strategies around those that execute it. It can be as simple as listening to employee suggestions and incorporating them. If you want to take it a step further, give them the power to think independently to instantly solve customer problems.

Treating your employees as No. 1 is the only way to attain the service that creates repeat business and improves your bottom line. It shows them that you are concerned and committed to their well-being, which in turn leads to passionate employees who unleash their enthusiasm onto the customer experience.

Michael D. Brown Customer Service Consultant Author of Fresh Customer Service Los Angeles

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