MoveOn and the New York Times: The Current State of Play

Once you factor out all of the hyperventilating, here is what is actually happening vis-à-vis’s “Betray Us?” ad:

1. The lefties at MoveOn, who allegedly got a sweetheart deal from the Times, are now voluntarily paying the full price—$142,083—for the ad in question, following Times Public Editor Clark Hoyt’s column on the matter yesterday.

2. The New York Times, that beloved target of the hard right, just better than doubled its money. From an ad that said faction hates.

3. The Giuliani campaign, like MoveOn, got to run its own ad last week at the cheaper stand-by rate of $64,575. Judging from this Giuliani flak’s feint to Times reporter …

“While we appreciate that The New York Times and have both publicly acknowledged their sweetheart deal, no amount of money will make right this misguided ploy attacking a general in a time of war.”

…I am betting that the Giuliani campaign isn’t breaking its legs running to the bank to pay the Times more. (If this continues to be the case, you may wonder how MoveOn paying twice as much as the Giuliani campaign qualifies as a sweetheart deal.)

4. This means the anti-MoveOn side ended up paying a lot less for its ad than the MoveOn side.

5. Unless, of course, the Giuliani campaign steps up like MoveOn and cuts the Times another check.

6. In which case the Times will make even more money.

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