Nintendo Wii Goes to War

Players use the Nunchuk control to shoot, dodge fire, and brawl in Battalion Wars 2, coming in October

Using cartoon graphics, Battalion Wars II lets players wage battle on the Nintendo Wii. The world is at war again, and players must take control of a host of different soldiers and vehicles to either attack or defend territory.

Gamers utilize the Nunchuk to lock onto targets. Double flicking the wrist can order characters to jump or move from side-to-side in order to dodge incoming fire. The Wii Remote looks around the environment, orders troops to move or attack using the A button, and fires weapons with the B button.

Players must fight, duck enemy fire and command their troops all at the same time. With six playable nations, Battalion Wars II commanders will have land, air and sea units at their disposal. They can also capture HQs, Barracks, Airfields and Docks to produce more units. If things become too demanding, players can call up an overhead map screen to streamline command over their troops.

Multiplayer will also support online play; its modes include Assault, where one side defends a base while the other attacks within a time limit. Skirmish doesn't have a time limit, and lets players fight an all-out brawl against each other. Lastly, Capture the Flag will support up to four players.

Currently scheduled to release this October, Battalion Wars II offers Wii owners a fun shooter that may attract a large online following.

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