The Biggest Mistake in Selling

The biggest mistake in selling is believing that if you can just tell your prospect enough about your product or service, if you just get the chance to "make your case"—he or she will be compelled to buy.

This is false.

Selling is not telling.

Why not?

Because, when confronted with the opportunity to buy something, the buyer’s attitude is always "Why do I need this?" The more you talk, the more likely you are to say something that causes your buyer to say: "I don’t need that specific feature. That’s why I don’t have to buy your product!"

The thing you mentioned may be a great feature of your product—something that lots of people think is just wonderful. But because this particular prospect doesn’t need this specific feature, it’s his reason to reject. And you lose.

How to avoid the problem? Don’t talk so much. Ask questions. Really listen to what this person wants. And then talk only about the aspects of your product that relate to what your prospect desires! Selling is not about what you think is cool about your product. It’s about what your prospect wants!

Lenann McGookey Gardner President Albuquerque

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