Positioning Your Brand

Most places I go, I’ll ask someone in a company, "If you could put one idea about your business directly into the mind of a prospective customer, what would that idea be?"

After thinking for a bit, they’ll mention something. Then I ask a different person in the company, and I get a different answer. In fact, I get as many different answers to my question as there are people working for the company!

That’s bad.

In this overcommunicating world, the only messages that get through to prospects are messages that are short, powerful, provocative, and repeated. So everyone in your company has to agree on what this short, powerful, provocative message is, and then they have to share it—in sales conversations, on your Web site, in your promotional materials. Consistently.

The process of coming up with this message is called positioning. It’s a discipline, a process of thinking about your prospects, your competitors, and your offerings while working hard to find the most powerful words to express them. If possible, get some help with it from an expert. It’s worth it: A good positioning message may guide your marketing effort for years!

Lenann McGookey Gardner President YouCanSell.com Albuquerque

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