Design Thinking--What The Smartest People Are Saying.

There are two amazing conferences taking place shortly that you should either attend or plug into online.

DMI has a conference called Thinking Ahead: The Changing Role of Design and Design Management in Business. When you get Continuum’s Gianfranco Zaccai, Richard Buchanan (CMU), Harmut Esslinger, IBM’s Lee Green, Corporate Design Foundation’s Peter Lawrence and many other thought leaders in one place—you gotta listen to what they say about innovation and design thinking.

Patrick Whitney’s Illinois Institute of Design is having a terrific conference as well over the next couple of days on design research.

Check out the power-house list of speakers:

Alec Bernstein | BMW Group DesignworksUSA Dan Buchner | Design Continuum Shelley Evenson | Carnegie Mellon University Steve Herbst | Motorola Chuck Jones | Whirlpool Stuart Karten | Stuart Karten Design Steve Knox | P & G Tremor Darrel Rhea | Cheskin Harry Rich | Design Council UK Lou Rosenfeld | Rosenfeld Media Dan Saffer | Adaptive Path Jason Severs | Frog Design

These are all the top people in the field.

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