An Incredibly Great Management Site.

Check out this management site that just went up. Yes, it’s on the site so I’m a bit prejudiced but move past that and look at the incredible Case Study on and by A.G. Lafley. The video is great. You have Lafley describing a management mistake that got him in hot water, a business prof offering his opinion and YOU offering your own.

On the managing channel, you have regular stories on managing your team, managing your career, managing your company, managing your board, and a series of best practices playbooks. And there’s a new blog—Management IQ. This is a solid site for information.

Kudos to John Byrne (yep, the same John Byrne who ran Fast Company and published many terrific pieces on design and innovation) who’s now running John “gets it.” It’s all about building community and conversation around key buckets of interest and information.

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