Think About Your Prospective Client's Ego

When working with a prospective client, it is imperative that you consider his or her ego in the process. As you make the sale, you want to come across as the expert in whatever you do. Your prospect, naturally, does not know nearly as much as you do about this subject, so right from the get-go if you’re not careful, your prospect may feel dumb. And that works against you in the sales process!

People who feel dumb move away from the person who made them feel that way—in this case, you.

But aren’t they coming to me because they need help? you ask. Sure they are. But they don’t want to feel stupid in the process.

The fact is, everyone has an ego, and egos are more fragile than you can imagine. Damage an ego, and even though you are right, they won’t be buying from you!

How can you convey your expertise without damaging an ego? Ask your prospects for their opinions and concerns. Ask them what they would like to have happen. And then, when you offer to give them that thing they want, you are serving them rather than making them feel stupid.

Lenann McGookey Gardner President Albuquerque

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