Selling Computers to India

With growth slowing in China, computer makers hope Asia's other big market will pick up the slack

For years the world's computer manufacturers focused the bulk of their energy in Asia on China. But lately, China's growth has started to slow, and the industry's leaders have started to recognize the potential of the region's other giant market, India. This year, Hewlett-Packard (HPQ), Dell (DELL), Lenovo (LNVGY), and Acer (ACEFF) have all announced major initiatives there, making India one of their key battlegrounds. Best of all, the demand is coming not just from multinationals and big Indian companies, but also from consumers and small businesses. "All three segments of the market will grow at 25% to 30%," says Rajan Anandan, Dell's general manager for India. "That's a pretty healthy outlook."

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