Flextreme and Segway: Perfect Together?

GM's Flextreme diesel-electric concept uses two Segways to increase driver's range an additional 23, environmentally-friendly miles

Now here's an idea that might well catch on -- personal transport integrated within a larger vehicle, all of it cost-efficient and environmentally friendly. GM's Flextreme carries two Segways below the cargo floor, allowing a further 38 km of electric mobility and completing the city commute or extending mobility into environments where cars cannot go. The MPV concept uses a development of GM's E-Flex architecture, first seen on the Chevrolet Volt Concept but couples it with a 1.3-litre turbo diesel for an all-electric range of 55km - well within the needs of most daily commuters, then the CDTi engine charges the batteries on the fly, extending the operating range. Once docked, the batteries of the Segways can be charged along with the Flextreme's batteries but that's only a small part of the concept -- innovative accessibility, a reconfigurable dashboard, intelligent use of advanced materials...we like this one!

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