Yet Another Social Networking Invite. Kill Me Now.

Just got an invite to Yet Another Social Networking Service, called Quechup. I’d heard some buzz about it, so I decided to check it out. Ack, a dating site. Oh, but so much more, says the invite:

You can use Quechup to meet new people, catch up with old friends, maintain a blog, share videos & photos, chat with other members, play games, and more.

Right, haven’t heard of any of those services before.

Larry Dignan at Between the Lines poses the key question here: Is social networking a business or a feature? It’s going to be a business for a few, such as Facebook. And a couple others, perhaps Ning or Multiply (what an inadvertently appropriate name for a social networking site), may succeed with more private and customized sites for very specific groups of people, if they get the volume to attract advertisers. But the rest? Grist for the mills at Google, Yahoo, and a couple other attention magnets that are looking to socialize all their other services.

Oh, and in case you’re suffering from social networking addiction, here’s a helpful video.

UPDATE: Both Ina Steiner at AuctionBytes and the ubiquitous Robert Scoble reiterate warnings I noticed on a Google search of Quechup but didn’t mention because I couldn’t confirm the problem right away: Quechup’s system is apparently spamming people’s mail contacts unbeknownst to them. So until Quechup wises up, you’d best avoid it unless you like ticking off your friends.