Mark your calendar: Climate chatter galore

Through year end, we're headed into period with an unprecedented number of high-level, international climate change meetings.

With four climate confabs in September alone, we’re headed into a year-end with an unprecedented number of high-level, international climate change meetings. The news emerging from these meetings will likely ratchet up the volume of discussion on climate change as the US elections begin to gain speed. Here’s a rundown. Just finished: Discussions at the Asia Pacific Economic Council (or APEC, a group which President Bush mistakenly called OPEC) closed ended last week with a an agreement to pursue weak voluntary limits. Also just finished is the Gleneagles Dialog (9/10-11) in Berlin, a confab of the G8 group of wealthy nations (and the heaviest emitters). Ahead: With the US at least stirring to discuss green house gas (GHG) limits there will be US-led meeting with major American emitters (9/27-28). Concurrently, in Washington, meeting organized by the Pew Charitable Trusts will bring emerging market heavy emitters China & India into discussions with beltway wonks. Further out, a gathering of the thousands of the world’s climate scientists will conclude its recent efforts to document the state and future of climate change. A meeting of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (11/12-17) in Spain will issue final recommendations that synthesize findings from the three early parts of its findings published early this year. And last but not least there will also be a duo of UN meetings in New York (9/24) and Bali (12/3-14) to set out the post Kyoto agenda. For more details, click through to the continuation of this post. A tip of the hat to Brandon MacGillis at the National Environment Trust/ Pew Campaign on Fuel Efficiency for this helpful summary.

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