Good news for workers: Laziness is not monitored

This article from (ex Jeremiah Owyang) reminds us that companies are worried sick that in-house bloggers and social networkers will leak trade secrets. It happens, and sometimes it’s serious. But part of adjusting to this world is reanalyzing exactly what’s a secret, and what’s not. Historical definitions have to be revisited.

The part of the story that drew my attention is that HR is way too busy monitoring data leakage to dwell on the time employees fritter away on the Internet.

What Proofpoint has found is the vast majority of employers don’t worry about time wasting. “If H.R. is monitoring an employee’s online behavior, it’s almost always related to data leakage or the theft of confidential information – not time wasting. The productivity concern is a much lower-tier issue. It won’t cost you millions of dollars in shareholder value.”
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