Election 08: China Has An Innovation Plan--Does America?

The World Economic Forum just completed a session in Dalian, China focussing on innovation and growth and Premier Wen Jiaboa personally came and spoke—about innovation. Now, when was the last time a US President, Vice President spoke publicly about innovation? China has put innovation into the center of its next five-year plan. It is pushing a plan for “indigenous innovation.” Does the US have a national plan that makes innovation central? And, final question, what do the candidates running for the Presidency for 08 have to say about innovation?

In Dalian, a panel of global CEOs gave their views of what makes for successful managerial leadership in fast growing corporations these days. They listed five traits: the constant drive for innovation, adherence to openness and flexibility, recognition of core competencies, allocation of resources on a global scale and, particularly, recruitment and retention of talented individuals.

Check out the WEF site for videos and all the speeches.

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