Bugati Pur Sang ("Pure blood")

Analysts castigated former VW Group CEO Ferdinand Piech for sinking over $1 billion into the development of the rarified 1001-horsepower Bugati Veyron, which hit the market in 2005 and sells for $1.4 million. But Piech, now a board member as well as controlling shareholder at VW Group (parent of Bugatti) through his family’s ownership of Porsche, is undaunted. His latest automotive extravagance is a limited-edition $1.9 million version of the Veyron called “Pur Sang.”

VW executives unveiled the incredible unpainted hulk of carbon fiber and polished alumunium on Sept. 10, the eve of the Frankfurt Auto show. It’s meant to ressemble the fuselage of an aircraft. Check out the polished, diamond-cut wheels. All five Pur Sang models will be built in 2008 and the first one has already sold — at a price of $1.9 million. Maybe Piech bought it.

But if anyone things Bugatti’s exotic cars are just auto engineering excess, VW says it just delivered its 100th Veyron.

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