Wireless Watcher

This pro likes tower builders and prepaid carriers

FUND MANAGER: Henry Ellenbogen, 34.

TENURE: Started at T. Rowe Price in 2001, took over fund in April, 2005.

EDUCATION: AB (1994), JD and MBA (1999), Harvard University.

FORMER LIFE: Worked for former Representative Peter Deutsch (D-Fla.) for four years, including a stint as chief of staff.

STOCKS THAT EXCITE ME: Wireless tower companies American Tower and Crown Castle. "There has been continued growth of wireless use both of voice and of data. The industry has stability, durability, and high barriers to entry."

NOTABLE NEWCOMERS: Prepaid wireless companies Leap Wireless and MetroPCS. "We call this 'all you can eat wireless.' Unlike most wireless carriers, which are 'postpay,' both Leap Wireless and MetroPCS offer $45 to $50 unlimited voice and data on a prepaid basis. There's no contract, so they also target younger customers and customers with shakier credit histories. This segment is growing at five times the rate of the postpay segment."

STOCKS I AVOID: "Companies that run radio and television stations. As distribution systems open up they are going to have challenges to their businesses."

CURRENT READING: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

AFTER HOURS: Swims and relaxes on the beach with his wife and dog.

By Tyler Hill

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