Moving Pictures

Getty Images revolutionized the stock image business. Now the industry is shifting again, is the giant's future in jeopardy?

Say you work at Design Army, in Washington, D.C., and you need a photo. If you asked your co-workers for help, they'd probably trill, "Just Getty it." "Same as when some people say, 'Just Google it,'" explains Pum Lefebure, the design firm's co-owner. "We use the photos, but we also browse Getty for inspiration." When Design Army needed photos of bamboo shoots for a Ringling Bros. installation, Getty had more high-quality images than anywhere else. If the firm is hunting for images that inspire the tone for a piece of branding, Getty has the richest cache of pictures, all a single keyword away on one of the industry's most comprehensive, user-friendly websites. When it comes to visuals, Getty is Wal-Mart and the New York Public Library rolled into one.

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