Palm Cancels Foleo

Looks like Palm finally wised up and decided Jeff Hawkins’ new baby was indeed worth throwing out with the bath water. In a post on the company’s blog, CEO Ed Colligan announced the company had deep-sixed the Foleo mobile companion “in its current configuration.” Analysts had expressed doubts about the Foleo, which offered 10-inch screen and full keyboard. The idea was that it would connect wirelessly to your mobile device and allow larger-screen viewing and typing. With Sony, Samsung and a slew of other players jumping on the ultra-mobile pc bandwagon, many of which offered full computing power and the ability to make calls, it looked like Palm would have a tough time selling a similarly priced device that needed some other device to actually work. In offering a reason for canceling the Foleo just weeks before it was supposed to begin selling online, Colligan made an oblique reference to the company’s upcoming launch (finally) of a successor line to its popular, but dated Treo line. That new device, called the Palm Centro, is expected to be exclusive to Sprint this fall and the smallest Palm-based smartphone to date. Colligan in the blog suggested “it has a modern, flexible (user interface), instant performance, and an incredibly simple and elegant development environment.” Images posted on various web sites show what appears to be a smartphone quite a bit sleeker than the Treo with simple navigation keys and a QWERTY keyboard. Pictures show two colors: white and black (with silver accents). If it offers the same ease of use as the Treo and finally fits in the pocket, Palm may have yet another winner on its hands.

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