Know Your "Gremlin"

“Gremlin” is coaching-shorthand for inner-critic, self-doubt, negative, or undermining beliefs. Very few of us can say we don’t have them. While the themes are similar—fear, self-doubt, perfectionism, fraud, self-criticism, and so on—the specifics are different for everyone. Most of us are unaware of our gremlins, and that gives them plenty of latitude for mayhem. In fact, their negative influence depends on their stealth. With practice you can identify and neutralize your gremlins by bringing this self-talk into the light of your awareness. You can then sift out the positive intentions among the negative messages, and simply dismiss the more malicious ones. Try listening for the negative things you may be telling yourself during the week ahead and make a few notes about the specifics. With a little practice you will become more familiar with your gremlins, and you will learn to manage them. Doing so will not only serve you—it will also serve your employees and your business.

David Peck President Leadership Unleashed San Francisco