You're Nowhere Without Networks

"Reach out and Find Someone" (June/July 2007) was an awesome article. As a female work-at-home business owner, I am a part of almost all the networks you mentioned. The one that has led me to the people who have helped me the most is Women In Networking (WIN), a Ryze group. This group is filled with some top-notch ladies who are ready to drop everything to help a fellow business colleague in need.

Elizabeth McElrath

via e-mail

I am a happy member of the Women In Networking group on Ryze and also run its Feel Free to Prosper Network. Social networking on Ryze grew my program so successfully that I gave up my corporate business of two decades to follow my life purpose. The combination of the social and business aspects, the opportunity to give and receive support, and the ability to meet wonderful people all over the globe make these networks winners.

Marilyn Jenett

Los Angeles

"Reach Out and Find Someone" was a great article. It is great to see the names of so many people I know from Ryze in print. As an online business coach, I use networking sites extensively to network with others and promote my business. When others ask me about how to use online networking, I tell them to help someone else first before expecting them to help you.

Biana Babinsky

Avocado Consulting

via e-mail

Web 2.0 has spawned a new era of relationship networking that will revolutionize our world ("Reach Out and Find Someone"). But the relationship industry is facing its own problems. There are fragmented efforts supported by numerous networking platforms. These different platforms need to converge so users don't constantly have to jump from one site to another.

Jay Deragon

Link To Your World

Gallatin, Tenn.

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