Who reads off-line?

When you’re blogging, it’s easy to start thinking that everyone who matters is with you online. I often find myself thinking that way. Way back when Heather and I did our cover story on blogs, we got an avalanche of feedback in comments and on other blogs. And then a week or two later, I would get these photocopied letters to the editor dropped on my desk, and I would think: What cave do these people inhabit?

Talk about misjudging your business! I was focused on the noisy and viral activity of several thousand people online, looking past the one million people who received our dead-tree edition in the mail. In the last few days, I’ve gotten a wake-up to the size and importance of the paper crowd. As I mentioned earlier, I wrote my first mag article last week following more than a year of book leave. And now I’m getting messages from friends and colleagues welcoming me back. Maybe a few of them saw the story online. But I’d guess that most belong to the sizable contingent that still reads us in paper. And none of them, sad to say, appear to pay much attention to Blogspotting.net.