Technorati troubles. But try searching the news

Om Malik reports that Dave Sifry is resigning from Technorati, amid lay-offs. I’m sorry to see this. I was in Technorati’s offices nearly two years ago when Google unveiled blog search. Dave was sanguine, as usual.

Just for a test, I just searched for Technorati on Google blog search. Om’s post, from 16 minutes ago, is the second I see, following this one from Barron’s. Long story short: fast, relevant results.

Then I tried on Technorati. The first post is something called The Baking Circle, with a recipe for a coconut cake. I clicked through pages of porn posts looking for Om’s post. Couldn’t find it. Later, just as I was adding links, I found this post from Epicenter.

Sphere doesn’t fare much better. IceRocket at least got the news on the first page of results.

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