X Prize: High Marks for High Mileage

The LoReMo and other ultra-economic vehicles vie for the X Prize. Winners must be production viable and capable of 100 mpg

The super fuel-efficient LoReMo motor car (that's 157mpg of super-efficiency) is set to enter the Automotive X PRIZE, a competition designed to foster a new generation of viable, ultra-economic vehicles that are both accessible and affordable to the consumer. The car is among 30 teams that have signed a letter of intent -- another 300 are actively considering entry - to compete once the prize is officially funded and launched.

LoReMo -- short for "Low Resistance Mobility" -- was first introduced by Loremo AG at last year's Geneva Show. The 450 kg, highly aerodynamic, 2+2 auto is powered by a 20 PS (15 kw), two-cylinder turbo-diesel motor capable of 1.5 litre/100km (157 mpg).

As part of the objective the competition requires production feasibility and market studies for at least 10,000 units, meaning purely conceptual projects can't enter.

The Automotive X PRIZE Competition Guidelines also place a number of other formidable hurdles in front of potential winners. Energy and emissions requirements include fuel economy of at least 100 MPG, Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions expressed as equivalent grams of CO2 per mile can be no more than 200 g/mi and GHG emissions from vehicle production can be no worse than typical vehicles in production today. Entrants must also be "production capable" based on safety (must be designed to meet safety regulations in the U.S. and other markets), affordability and marketability...and yes, you also have to be the fastest. Following a qualifying round the long-distance stage will take place in 2009.

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