Web Site in Spanish?

Analysts at Forrester say that more than half of the 28 million Hispanics online prefer to surf, browse, and buy in Spanish. Assuming you want to reach and sell to these prolific buyers, below are a few easy steps to help you communicate in Spanish.

1. Prioritize which content to translate. Focus on product descriptions, payment terms, and company profile information. 2. Translate your site’s content using "neutral" Spanish, since European Spanish differs from Latin-American Spanish. 3. Consider whether or not the images on your site appeal to the diverse cultures of your new buyers. 4. Ensure your order-taking and delivery processing can interact with Spanish speakers. Don’t entice them with a Spanish site but only offer English on your 1-800 line. 5. Promote your site through Spanish-language media and search engines.

You put up your site to reach beyond your local market, so don’t forget about the 28 million potential new customers out there waiting for your site’s sign to change to "abierto."

Kevin R. Bolen Chief Marketing Officer Lionbridge Waltham, Mass.

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